MAJ Dr. Sorush niknamian

<font color="#000000"><font>Brief Degree and Biography: (MAJ Dr. Sorush Niknamian PhD CRFM PE APA_FPD OMS-IV AICP MWSES MLPI MACRO MTMA MRSB FIMS FChE EMBS FNNECOS FTSCO ANCC, AANP, ACPE, ACHE, ADA CERP APA FMDCSCO FSASS) Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology and Oncology and Professor of Cell and Molecular Biology, Oncology and Biological Attacks. He is a Professional Biologist, Senior Research Scientist, Chartered Scientist and Registered His Science Council ID is: A-0008833. He is one of United Kingdom and Indiana Cancer Consortium (ICC) certified. He is a Registered Researcher in the U.S. Government's System for Award Management, Registered Scientist at National Center for Biotechnology Information. He has studied Military Medicine at Liberty University (LU), Lynchburg, VA, United States of America. He holds Bachelor’s Degree in Mechatronics Engineering, applied Mathematics, Civil Engineering and Management. He is a Member of US Government National Science Foundation, Member of Hera Swiss Volunteers (ID: 198036), Member of US Army American College of Physicians Chapter, Ambassador of American Cancer Society (ACS CAN) and former Ambassador of European Association for Cancer Research (EACR), Active Member of Federal Health Professionals at US Army Forces and Certified Member of American Red Cross and Food Regulatory Affairs Professionals. He was one of Honorary Board Member and contributor of Weston A Price Foundation (WAPF) in Washington DC, United States of America. He is preserved and nominated for the preserved as Position Title: DIRECTOR OF MILITARY SUPPORT, Agency: Army National Guard Units. Announcement Number: ID: WA-10507254-AR-19-161. Extra Information: DIRECTOR OF MILITARY SUPPORT located at the WASHINGTON J3 DCSOPS. Professor Sorush Niknamian is an ACP Chapter member in United States Army and Air Force. Active Member of IMRTC-USA (International Management Research and Technology Consortium Research) as Advisor, Referee and Professor at IMRTC-USA (International Management Research and Technology Consortium Panel). He is a Service Member of Modern Military Association of America. Certified Member of World Medical Association with ID: 5c7b154b01602 as a Junior Medical Doctor. He is an Active Member of the National Guard Association of the United States of America (Branch: Army, Rank: Major, State Affiliation: Maryland) and Serving Volunteer at the Peace Corps of the United States of America (Ref ID: 10811430) and certified member of The National Bureau of Asian Research. He is a member of Military Officers Association of America (Member Number: 05670401, Rank: Major). He is one of the certified member of Texas Section of the American Physical Society. Active Member of the United Nation (ROSTER NUMBER – 1665156). MAJ Dr. Sorush Niknamian is a Certified as a professional in Terrorism Affairs, Terrorism Analysis and Terrorism Counterterrorism from American Military University (AMU). He has been written more than 40 books in different area of science specially Medicine, Evolutionary Biology, Nutrition and Oncology. He has published more than 200 research articles in International and National scientific journals. He is an activist in ASCO Action Network in Virginia, ACS CAN, ACC and FPA and Improving Heart Failure Outcomes Through Personalized Education—Improving HOPE. He is an active Member of Physicians for human rights. He is an active member of Federal Planners' Advocacy Network. Volunteer/Alumni in IRAP (International Refugee Assistance Project) at MSF (Doctors Without Borders). He is an active registered in Advocated of Internal Medicine at ACP (US Army Chapter). He is one of active American Psychiatric Association Political Action Committee (APAPAC). Ambassador of Lung Cancer Registry Foundation. Dr. Sorush Niknamian is a member of Remote Area Medical—RAM® as a volunteer. Sorush Niknamian is a Volunteer Member of UN (United Nations with ROSTER NUMBER – 1665156) and Certified Member of MSF (Doctors Without Borders ROSTER NUMBER: 1665156, Chapter: New York).</font></font>

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